What People Have Said



“Who can say if it is Queenie or something else, but bullying has most definitely reduced since she has delivered her one day workshops throughout the school.”

Assistant Principal

“This was the best class I have ever taken.”



“Bullying isn’t as bad now because of the workshops Queenie did with us.”



 “Please bring Queenie back … Excellent instructor that many could benefit from. Thanks!”



“The attendees of her session were twenty-eight academic administrators in post secondary leadership positions across the country, including deans. Her session was very well received and ignited camaraderie and cohesiveness amongst the attendees.”

University of Alberta


“I will use these skills for the rest of my life and have an appreciation for what I have learned.”



Great presentation last week, I found it to be extremely helpful and I really love your group techniques



“Excellent course, thank you so much. It was more than a course. It was a therapeutic spiritual journey. Thank you for sharing your gift, and thank you for the personal element and advice.”



Queenie is a significant part of the Student Services team. She has given us a whole level of service when dealing with students. Queenie is very well like by the team and can be trusted. She also validates what we are doing and is an excellent resource. We are blessed to have her in our school two days a week.

Vice Principal


This process was very timely in terms of providing our students with positive role models and strategies to prevent and report bullying.

Vice principal


Dr Valerie Mason-John Aka Queenie
The Bully Doctor