(Remember that a large percentage of bullying is unreported.)

  • One in ten children have bullied.
  • One in four children will be bullied.
  • Bullying occurs every 7 minutes on a school playground.
  • Bullying occurs once every 15 minutes in a class room.
  • Recent research in the UK 2010 suggests 18.9 million working days are lost each year as a direct result of bullying at work.
  • Work Place Bullying Institute in 2007 estimated that as many as 71.5 million Americans are affected by bullying in the workplace.
  • Young people are more likely to be cyber bullied
  • When it comes to cyber bullying, men are equally bullied as much as women
  • Death threats on the internet are on the increase. Be aware. They will tell you that they are an assassin, and will tell you that they will let you live if you pay them not to kill you.
  • Bullying in the home, is the most unreported type of bullying. Be aware it is the number one place for women to be assaulted.


Dr Valerie Mason-John Aka Queenie
The Bully Doctor