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School Examples



This is what young people say about bullying in Canada. ‘There is cyber bullying, verbal bullying,

emotional bullying, physical bullying, social bullying and it all hurts.’

  • People talk behind there backs
  • say stuff that’s not true
  • teasing
  • name calling
  • gossiping, rumours
  • hazing
  • happy slapping
  • ganging up on someone
  • throwing pennies
  • pushing, kicking, punching, spitting
  • isolating someone, scapegoating
  • throwing
  • stop people playing with them
  • hog the ball
  • forcing you to say bad words to teachers if you they don’t will hit you
  • make fun of people on chalk boards
  • making fun or people
  • head lock
  • i’m going to tell everyone you can’t read
  • mamma jokes
  • big kinds tripped you up for no reason – big kids don’t share with you
  • gay jokes
  • stealing
  • play fighting

things people say

  •  let’s fight
  • you’re not invited u suck
  • you should kill yourself
  • you hoe
  • you’re so gay
  • the b word
  • she’s so whiney
  • she thinks so cool
  • you’re so dirty
  • you can’t play with me
  • I don’t like you
  • bad words
  • ha ha you look like you wet your pants
  • stupid
  • oh I hate you
  • you’re not smart
  • parents are poor
  • make fun of you


  • talk about your family
  • colour jokes
  • slave jokes
  • you can’t play with us coz your brown
  • your in a different team coz your brown
  • call you pooh because we are brown
  • to chinese people – you look so cheesy
  • exclude you because we’re a different colour
  • causes fights
  • black jokes
  • you look as black as coal
  • you’re so black I can’t see you in the dark
  • we don’t play with people who are black
  • you brown people have to play with each other
  • why you talk like that – are you british – and they know you’re not. They know you are from Asia or Africa or somewhere else
  • i’m told black people not invited to this country
  • people pull their eyes and makes fun of Asian people
  • pull faces
  • you’re yellow
  • you’re so black
  • you’re asian you’re eyes so small you can’t see anything
  • if you touch them – say don’t touch me
  • Students think we are all Chinese and we’re not


  • I’m older than you
  • gang up small ones
  • i’m in charge
  • lots of little kids bullied
  • you shouldn’t eat in a cafeteria – your too big
  • why you so fat
  • you’re so fat you must be jolly
  • fatty

One to many child has died from bullying. We must protect our children. We must notice what is going on in their lives. We must prevent unnecessary deaths. I for one do not want to read in the newspaper again that a young person has taken their life because of bullying.

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Dr Valerie Mason-John Aka Queenie
The Bully Doctor